Why you should consider adopting an adult dog vs a puppy

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Adopting a dog is a major life decision. Dogs aren’t just animals. Many owners rightfully consider them members of the family. When it comes to thinking about adopting a dog right now, one of the single most important decisions you need to take into account is the dog’s age. Dogs can be divided into puppies and adult dogs. For many people, adopting an older dog is a truly excellent choice.

Puppies Need Lots of Attention

A puppy is a baby dog. If you’ve ever cared for a baby, you know how much attention they need. Unlike most adult dogs, puppies do best when not left alone for long stretches. If you have a long commute each day, the puppy might quickly become bored. A bored puppy is one that learns bad habits. Many puppy owners are shocked to come home and find their new companion has eaten their favorite sneakers because they were stuck in traffic.

Puppies also need to be trained. Puppies who aren’t housebroken can lead to ruined carpeting and other problems in your home. Imagine trying to sell a house where the carpets smell after the puppy urinated on the stairs. You have to take responsibility to teach her. You also have to help her socialize with people and other dogs. That’s a lot of work. Adult dogs have already gone through this stage. They’ve been properly trained. They know how to behave around other people and other pets. You don’t have to do that for them because someone else already did it.

You Know The Dog’s Size and Health

Bringing home a young dog means bringing home a possibility rather than a reality. Even puppies from great breeders with a long history of excellence may not turn out as you want six months from now. The adult dog has mature features. You know exactly what you’re getting. You also know about any health problems. A young dog may not reveal they have an issue with hip dysplasia until you’ve had them in your home for months and gotten the vet bills to show for it.

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When you adopt an adult dog, you have a good idea of the dog’s overall health, height and grown weight. You know the dog is likely to stay the same weight as long as you give it enough exercise. Owners also know the adult dog’s health is stable. While a senior dog may develop health issues solely because of aging, a mature adult is a known quality.

Adult Dogs are Fabulous For First Time Owners

If you’ve never owned a dog before, the adult dog is a fantastic choice. People who have not raised puppies may not realize the enormous amount of work that goes into bringing them to maturity. It’s a good idea to do your homework before deciding. Now is the time to speak to breeders and your friends who are raising puppies. They’ll let you know the pros and cons.

The adult dog is also more emotionally mature. Puppies have much in common with teens. Like teens, they undergo an adolescence that takes some time. If you’re going to bring one home, you have to be prepared for anything. One minute, they’re happily running around chasing a butterfly. The next, they just want to be left alone. Adult dogs are far more likely to stick to one emotional mode all the time.

They Love You Just as Much

People decide to adopt a dog for many different reasons. They have children who can benefit from taking care of an animal under adult supervision. They like having someone around to exercise with them at the local park. They want a beautiful creature in their home with soft fur and a delightful personality that will obey their commands and treat them with respect. Most of all, all potential adopters want a dog that will love them wholeheartedly.

Adult dogs are just as happy to be around you as a new puppy. Dogs are very much like people. They too have lots of emotions and express them freely. An adult dog is just as likely to be incredibly pleased with your lovely home and the efforts you’ve made to make them feel happy. Adopting an older dog often means rescuing it from a less than ideal situation. Working with the dog to find their forever home is a profoundly rewarding situation. You and your adult dog will become lifelong, devoted and loving friends.


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