Why spay/neuter your dog?

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve almost certainly been given a choice to spay or neuter your pet. While there are certainly some that avoid this choice because they plan on breeding their pets, others might hesitate because of a lack of information. Spaying an neutering does, however, have some significant benefits that should not be overlooked.

Population Control

Perhaps the most pressing reason to spay or neuter your pet is to ensure that he or she will not be able to bring more puppies into the world. As cute as puppies might be, breeding dogs isn’t for everyone. In fact, those who cannot commit to raising puppies often find themselves contributing to not only the rising number of dogs in shelters, but also to the number of stray animals on the street. If your goal is to help these numbers go down, it simply makes sense to spay or neuter your dog.

Behavioral Reasons

Even if you’re not particularly concerned about your dog breeding, there are distinct benefits to spaying or neutering your dog that you might want to consider. Spaying and neutering can help you to deal with significant behavioral problems that are common to dogs who are left intact.

If you have a female dog, spaying is the only way to ensure that she will not go into heat. When a female dog goes into heat, she experiences certain biological changes that will generally lead to some problematic behaviors. Females in heat tend to urinate inside more frequently, even if they are usually good at going outside, and they also tend to bark and yowl at fairly obnoxious levels. Spaying the female, however, will eliminate both of these behaviors.

Males benefit significantly from being neutered. One of the more pressing reasons to neuter a male is that it tends to significantly decrease the dog’s level of aggression. Neutering is often a must for those who have small children around their dogs, but the calmer demeanor is beneficial to anyone in the household. Dogs who are neutered are also less prone to trying to escape in order to find a mate, which is fantastic for those who are worried about their dogs running away.

Health Reasons

Behavioral reasons are not the only reasons to neuter or spay your dog. In fact, there are some very real health benefits that come from choosing these surgeries. Dogs who are spayed or neutered tend to be happier and healthier, with longer lifespans and fewer potential health issues. Spaying and neutering can literally extend the lifespan of your pet.

Female dogs benefit from spaying because it makes them much less likely to succumb to certain types of cancer. Spaying your female dog early enough helps to prevent uterine and breast cancers, which are incredibly fatal in dogs. Doing so prevents your dog from the potential of succumbing to any birth-related trauma.

Male dogs are likewise better off when they get neutered. Testicular cancer is incredibly common in dogs who are unneutered and it is often fatal. If you get your dog neutered, he can completely avoid this cancer. If you’re looking to extend your dog’s life, and quality of life, then it makes sense to get him neutered.

It should also be noted that some of the health conditions that many assume come with spaying and neutering are more urban myths than medical facts. Your dog will not, for example, gain weight just because he or she has undergone this surgery. If you do have medical questions, your veterinarian will be more than happy to answer them and to outline any risks that might be relevant to your pet.

Always Choose to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Spaying and neutering remain not only a responsible choice for dog owners, but also the choice that will do the most to ensure a better quality of life for both the animal and their owner. Every dog owner should consider having his or her pet spayed or neutered to ensure that these dogs have a chance to live their best lives, as well as keep birth rates in check.


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