What are the least aggressive dog breeds

Living with a dog is a delight. Dogs provide exercise and a chance to bond with an animal that understands human emotions and commands. If you are thinking about getting a dog, there are many factors you’ll want to take into account. A breed that is compatible with your lifestyle is ideal. Potential owners who want a dog that is likely to learn quickly, get along with other animals and avoid undesirable behaviors such as biting should look for breeds known for their lack of aggression. Such breeds are likely to become a valued, long term member of your household.

Small Breeds

Smaller dogs make excellent choices for apartment dwellers. They’re easy to walk and more likely to be accepted by condo boards. Certain small dogs are known to be even tempered but still lively.

Pugs are one of the smallest of all breeds. Weighing in at less than ten pounds, they’re about the size of an average cat. This a breed that’s happy to snuggle in your arms and play with your son. Queen Alexandra popularized the breed at the turn of last century. They’ve been favorites ever since.

French Bulldogs are another option for the dog lover who wants a calm dog. With their adorable ears and cobby bodies, Frenchies have legions of devoted fans. Just make sure these dogs are kept out of the heat as they aren’t built for it. Keep plenty of water on hand and you’ll have a loving companion at your side in all weather.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have been bred to be the family pet. It shows in all they do. This is a pet that’s content to lie on your sofa after a brisk walk and nuzzle you for attention now and now. Get the spaniel used to baths early on so they’ll be fine when you attend to their lustrous coat.

Medium Sized Dogs

Slightly larger dogs have many benefits. They’re less prone to certain conditions such as hip issues that can plague both larger and smaller breeds. They’re also happy with a smaller yard.

Whippets are mini versions of their larger cousins the greyhound. A study from the University of Pennsylvania found them to be one of the least aggressive of all dog breeds. While the study was based on self reporting, whippets are known for their gentle disposition. As long as you keep them away from prey they’ll focus all their attention on you.

Bulldogs have been bred for over a hundred years. That’s a long time to make sure this animal is quite ready for humans. They’re laid back and really great with kids. They’re also very easy to train.

A beagle is one of those breeds everyone knows about. This is a high energy dog that thrives on both human companionship and living with other animals. Beagles love being part of your family. They also love interacting with strangers and exploring new places. Just as long as you keep this one on a leash at all times so they don’t chase random smells, they’re good to go anywhere you want.

Big Dogs

Bigger dogs are a fabulous choice for the physical active owner. Many larger breeds are also devoted, sweet natured pets who can and will give years of joyful companionship.

Golden Retrievers are the classic, all American dog. People love them and for good reason. As one of the top picks for guide dogs, they are easily trained and notably loving. Look for a good breeder with fine puppies and you’ll be rewarded with one of the most beloved of all breeds.

Newfoundlands or Newfies as owners love to call them, are the gentle giants of the doggy world. Newfies were bred to head into the water and rescue people in danger of drowning. They have a sound mouth that is happy to carry things without breaking. Let your dog head to the water at least once a day. Then he can dry off by the fire with you.

Bernese Mountain Dogs have attractive markings and a personality to match. These are dogs that want to respond to your emotions and make you happy. That makes it easy to keep this breed away from bad habits like biting as puppies. They like being around people. They’re also excellent with small children. That makes them a good choice if you have kids. The Bernese will happily let your kids get on their back and treat them like a pillow.

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