What are the best dog breeds for someone who flies often?

Dogs are social highly creatures. Most dogs love and appreciate human company. If you have to travel for work or you just like to travel for fun, you’ll want a breed that fits this lifestyle perfectly. There are a few things you should keep in mind when thinking about dogs and your plans for travel. You’ll want a breed that can come along with you on the plane with ease. A breed that can be left alone when you’re not there for extended periods is another excellent option for the frequent flier. Fortunately, there are many kinds of dog breeds that are just right for the avid world explorer.

Chihuahuas have been bred in Mexico for thousands of years. Ancient Aztecs first discovered what others have come to learn: this is a breed that wants to love and will love you in turn. As a pint sized pup, they’re also a good breed you can bring along for the ride. These are one of the most portable of all dogs. Tuck a chihuahua in a tote bag and you’re on the way. Just make sure they are well protected from the weather. If you’re off to colder place, make sure he’s protected with a comfy dog sweater so he’s not shivering.

The Bichon Frise rarely weighs more than eighteen pounds when full grown. That makes him the perfect companion animal when you’re flying. These lively dogs are curious and happy to come with you no matter where you go. They’re likely to attract lots of fans when you’re walking down a busy street or relaxing on the beach. A bichon is a well known breed so many people are familiar with him when you visit new places. Just bring in a few grooming tools so he looks his best and you’re fine.

Another option for a dog that fits in nicely with any travel plans is the Pomeranian. Pompoms have lots of admirers. That’s because this dog is one of the world’s smallest breeders but it brims with personality. Poms are known to be fiercely loyal yet friendly with strangers at the same time. These are excellent qualities for any dog to have when you’re hitting the road. One the best things about this breed is they can fit with you on the plane. Put a dog in a crate or have him sit underneath your seat.

German for badger dog, the Dachshund was designed to fit in small places. That’s good news for the happy flier. Dachshunds come in several different kinds. There’s the standard and the miniature. They also have three different coats: smooth, wire-haired and long-haired. Each type is sturdy, bold, curious and full of life. They are dogs who will do well in nearly any circumstances. If you’re headed for a hike in the mountains or just a walk along the boardwalk, they’ll be happy to stroll along. Take a few treats and a good harness and you have a great travel buddy.

Poodles are widely considered one of the most intelligent of all dog breeds. They’re known for their ability to follow human commands closely. That is exactly what you want when you’re going to a new place. A poodle may smell lots of enticing new scents but they’ll pay close attention to you. You don’t have to worry about them getting lost in an unfamiliar city. Poodles also have another wonderful advantage: they are very easy to care for. The coat needs a little brushing and then you can take them anywhere you like.

People who love traveling to places where they can indulge their love of water sports should consider the Portuguese Water Dog. The water dog was bred in Portugal to adopt to lots of different bodies of water. They’ll come with you if you’re going for a kayaking trip and sit in the boat with you. A Portuguese water dog is also the perfect animal if you want to be at beach swimming in and out all day long. They’re also dogs that only need a bit of exercise each day. You can have someone come by for a brisk walk when you’re away and they’ll do just fine.

Another larger breed that works well when you’re on a plane is the greyhound. Greyhounds have been bred to run for centuries. While they love to run, all they want is a single burst of energy each day for a few minutes. Once done, they’ll stay by the fireplace with you. Greyhounds are also bred to do well in kennels. They’re crate trained. That means you don’t have to worry about putting them in a crate as you fly. The greyhound is pleased to sit back and make himself right at home.

Golden Retrievers are some of the best known of all dog breeds. People adore these gentle larger dogs. The sweet natured golden is up for just about anything you have in mind. They’ll come with you on a family vacation and help your little ones enjoy it even more. They also do well when you’re not at home. Hire a house sitter to keep on eye on your doggy and make sure they get enough exercise. The golden is a good choice when you want an animal that is adaptable to lots of different situations.

Boston Terriers doing new things. Known by the apt nickname, The American Gentleman, the Bostonian is a compact dog with lots of charm. This is a good breed for the urban city dweller who wants to have the freedom to fly when they feel like it. Boston Terriers get along with your family and the new people you’re likely to meet as you travel. They don’t need a daily routine to feel comfortable. Weighing in at less than twenty-five pounds also means they can fit into a portable crate you can bring with you on the plane ride.


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