Top 5 Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds

If you want a pup to run around with all day long, that’s great! But those aren’t the dogs we’re talking about in this article. Here, we’re describing the breeds for busy owners who are decidedly uninterested in taking Rover along for daily marathons.

Remember, all dogs are high maintenance when they’re puppies. For an easy, relaxed companion, you’ll want to adopt a fully-grown dog.


Dachshunds range from small to very small, so their exercise needs are on the low side. Though dachshunds are energetic, their size means they can get a good workout simply from running around the house. Some dachshunds have long hair, but most of them have short coats that require little grooming. They’re affectionate and love snuggling on the couch.


Pugs, the adorable little potatoes of the dog world, are perfect for people who live in apartments. These dogs love to cuddle, snooze, and eat. They get along well with cats, other dogs, and children. Most pugs don’t bark often, and their exercise requirements are relatively low. Pugs can be outright lazy, though, and obesity is a common problem in the breed. Owners need to make sure these pups get enough exercise.

Basset Hound

Basset hounds have adorable floppy ears and skin. They don’t just love to nap — they look like they love to nap. Some people say their eyes appear mournful, but bassets are happy dogs. At home, these canines are relaxed and agreeable. However, if your basset catches a scent while on a walk, you might have a hard time getting them back home. Basset hounds have the second-best sense of smell among canines, second only after bloodhounds.


Maltese are mild-mannered, docile, and sweet-natured. These dogs have long hair, making them look high maintenance, but looks can be deceptive. They don’t shed much, and you can easily manage their fur by brushing it a few times a week or hiring a groomer. Maltese are on the noisy side. Many of them bark when happy and excited.


If your heart is set on a larger dog, a mastiff might be for you. They’re lazy in the best possible way. They like to spread their considerable heft across any soft surface available, including your lap. Their endurance is unimpressive, so they don’t need to go on long walks. Mastiffs are loyal and protective. However, don’t expect this canine to chase an intruder down the street. Instead, a mastiff can use its heft to keep a beloved human safe.


If you’re looking for a low-maintenance pet, choose a dog with an agreeable personality and easily-met needs. The above breeds are fairly simple to care for. Each canine is an individual, though. Even when you know a breed’s tendencies, your dog might still surprise you!


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