Should I get one or two dogs?

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Deciding between two dogs or one might seem easy enough. You may already have an answer, but there are a few things to consider. The following are a few pros and cons you should know before making your choice.

Benefits of Choosing Two

The first thing to touch on is the benefits of getting two dogs. Right off the bat, having two puppies sounds like a great decision. People get dogs because they want to feel the joy and love these creatures offer. That joy will be doubled with two pets.

Dogs are social creatures, which brings up another perk. If you get two dogs, they’ll have each other to play with. This is companionship all day even when you have to go to work. Keep in mind that dogs can suffer from separation anxiety that can cause them to damage your home or even lead to depression. Two dogs should help with this issue.

It should also be pointed out that having two dogs means they’ll exercise more. There’s no way you’ll match the energy of your dog, but another dog can do this. This means it will be easier to maintain their fitness health.

Drawbacks of Getting Two Dogs

You knew this was coming. There are some drawbacks to owning two dogs, and you have to be aware of them before making a decision.

First off, two dogs are going to cost more money. This is okay if you’ve already budgeted for that and are certain you can take care of two dogs adequately. If you budget and find that you can’t or your finances will be too tight, you can’t take care of two dogs.

You also need to ask yourself if you have enough space for two dogs. These furry creatures need a lot of space or they might feel anxious. If you live in an apartment, having two dogs might be too much. The truth is, even if your current landlord is okay with two dogs, the next one might not be okay with it, and that could create a problem.

Moreover, you also have to consider personalities and breeds. Some breeds have a hard time getting along with other dogs.

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The more aggressive breeds are the ones you have to worry about like your Greyhounds, Kerry Blue Terriers, and the American Pit Bull Terrier. This problem could limit your choices unless you want to invest in training to make sure both pets get along, but it might take some time for that to happen if you’re going to choose aggressive dogs.

Perks Of Going With One

Getting one dog has several great perks. The love of one dog is still great, and it’s unconditional.

Having just one dog allows you to bond quicker because you’ll be able to give your dog undivided attention. Dogs want that kind of attention. Financially, taking care of one dog will be easier, so you’ll be able to pamper your pup with everything you can imagine, from cute little outfits to days at the dog spa for a little relaxation.

One dog won’t cost much to groom, to take to the vet, and all the other expenses that come along with owning a dog. You should also keep in mind that boarding is going to be easier with one dog. Even finding a pet sitter should be easier since the sitter will only have to worry about one dog.

Control is going to be easier as well. Yes, you’re probably going to train your dogs, even if you get two, but no amount of training is going to prepare you for those off days. These are the days when your dog or dogs just don’t listen. If you walk your dog and it starts pulling you one way, it’s going to be easier to deal with one than two.

Dogs act up every so often, and when they do, you’ll be happier if it’s just one dog acting up.

Cons of Just Getting One

There are some cons to just getting one dog, starting with your desire to get two.

The truth is that if you want two dogs but settle for one, you’ll always think about it. That’s not something you want to be carrying around with you. If you choose to stick with one dog, make sure it’s what you want.

Another thing you’ll have to worry about is companionship.

Sure, maybe you don’t want two dogs, but your dog is still going to want a little companionship every so often. This means you’ll have to go to dog parks to help your pet find a buddy to play with every so often. It’s a great way to make friends, but you might not always like doing this.

Having just one dog means you’re going to have to take steps to prevent separation anxiety. Training could help with this, but you’ll also have to teach your pet to be alone sometimes.

To do this, you’ll want to be in separate rooms for a while each day and a little more each day.

You also need to invest in interactive feeders that you can activate remotely. You could also invest in smart cameras so that you can see and talk to your dog even if you aren’t home. All this is going to cost you money and time, but you’ll have to do it since you only have one dog.

Hopefully, going over some of these points makes it easier to see where you stand on this question. Go with your gut, but don’t forget to pay attention to your capacity. If you think about everything mentioned here, you’ll get to your answer, and you’ll be a happier pup owner.


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