I love dogs, how can I volunteer to help them in my community?

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The reality is there are millions of homeless dogs in America, and these pups are struggling.

It’s impossible to help all the dogs in the country, but you can do something in your community. If you love dogs, the following will make it easier to help them.

Consider Fostering

It would be nice if you could adopt, but that’s not always possible. Maybe your schedule is too busy, or maybe you travel too often to commit to a dog. Still, you want to feel like you’re doing your part. Consider fostering a dog every so often.

Fostering may sound like a big commitment, but it fits around your schedule. Animal shelters need space to bring in more homeless dogs. You can provide these shelters a little relief by taking care of a few dogs every so often. You can take care of them for a week or maybe a few weeks if you want.

The animal shelter will appreciate whatever time you can offer. Make sure you’re ready for the emotional turmoil you might go through, and be okay with the fact that each dog your foster will leave eventually.

Become a Doggy Trainer

If you want to help homeless dogs find a home, it might be a good idea to volunteer as a trainer. The chances of a properly trained dog getting adopted are higher than a dog that’s not trained.

The problem is not many dog trainers dedicate time to help these dogs. If you have the time to do this, become a certified dog trainer.

It doesn’t take too long, and you’ll be able to do so much with this type of education. There’s no doubt it’s going to be challenging to train a dog that’s been homeless for some time. Some of these dogs have been traumatized for a while, and that could make things harder, but you’ll get there with a little patience.

Educate Others

It may be time to consider volunteering to educate others about the homeless dog situation. Most animal shelters have a program that’s meant to help others learn about the situation and how they can help.

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What you’ll be doing first is learning the material and then visiting community centers where you’ll be able to teach others about this subject. You’ll want to visit schools, churches, and other community hotspots where you’ll get a chance to tell folks to adopt dogs.

You’ll also teach folks about the importance of adopting dogs. You may have to talk in depth about spaying and neutering. If more folks take the homeless dog epidemic seriously, people will be able to reduce the population by doing one simple thing: spaying or neutering.

Throw a Fundraiser

Animal shelters in your community need donations, but those don’t always come in. The more you give, the more they can help animals in need. The good thing is you want to volunteer and want to do it in your community. If you’ve got experience fundraising, then this is your shot to make a difference for the dogs in your community.

You can form a group of like-minded folks who have fundraising experience. Try to create a fundraiser you’d enjoy. If you’re into your event, it will be easier to get this done.

Maybe it’s a fundraising party, or maybe you can partner up with a local boutique. You can donate part of what’s sold that day to your local animal shelter. No matter how big or small your fundraiser is, your local animal shelter will appreciate the help.

Volunteer for Dog Adoption Events

Animal shelters are working to get dogs adopted. Every dog deserves a good home where they can feel love. Animal shelters do their best to care for the animals but cannot give these dogs all the love or attention they need.

One of the things they do is organize adoption events. Here, animal shelters invite people from the community to come and meet some of these dogs. These events are fun but are also quite challenging to throw, which is where you come in.

You can volunteer for these events to try to make things go smoother. These events require a lot, like making sure the event is properly advertised or making sure signs are up during the event to help people navigate it. You’ll be helping the animal shelter pull of the best event they can pull off by helping them in any way you can.

Be a Lost Pet Detective

Owners lose their pets often. When you have the time, go out of your way to look for these pets. Look around for signs and try to find these pets. Keep pictures in your car as you drive around looking for them. You may not be able to find every dog, but you might find some, which makes this search worth it.

You should also be on the lookout for strays. If you find some, take them home should they have a collar that can help guide you. If not, then you will have to call animal rescue.

You know that homeless dogs are sometimes quite traumatized. Approaching these dogs could be dangerous, so if you don’t immediately see a collar, make sure you call animal rescue services. Let them take care of capturing the wandering dog. After the dog is captured, you can find out more about the dog and how you can help find a family for it.

While it’s true that these activities won’t solve the problem, they will chip away at it, and that’s the point. You’ll be part of the team of dog-loving people in your community making a difference, and that matters. Hopefully, you can do one or many of the things mentioned here.


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