How Do I Tell My Dogs That I Love Them?

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Dogs are the best emotional support animals. Why? The priceless gift that your canine offers is unconditional love, no matter the situation. Naturally, pups are loyal, protective, and obedient to their master. That is why they look excited when you arrive from work. They’ll always run into your arms for hugs and cuddles.

However, dogs speak a different love language from humans. For instance, sharing your meal with a dog may seem like an act of love, but care must be taken. Pups don’t thrive on the same dietary needs as humans, and it even may ultimately affect your dog’s obedience and health.

How do you speak your dog’s love language? How do you make them understand that you cherish them? Check out the following tips to learn more about expressing your love to a pup.

  1. Engage in Deep Conversations
    While it may look and sound silly, pups also engage in conversations. One thing you can be sure of is that your dog will always be there to listen to you without judging. Dogs are quite intelligent and excel at reading your mood both happy and sad.

Suppose you show sadness in your voice; they’ll always try to be empathetic about the situation. Canines may try to lean towards you for a hug or even try to mimic your sad expressions. Dogs will always have watery eyes when the mood is somber. They can’t cry, but they feel your pain.

You can converse with your dogs about many issues. When you come from work, tell them about your day’s experience. Tell your dog how much you love him. You can rehearse your project presentation with them. If you have time, they won’t mind if you read a book aloud. Dogs love endless stories.

  1. Read the Signs
    Another way of showing love to your dog is by being consistent in how you respond to them. Dogs, too, communicate if they want something. For instance, the following signs should tell you that your furry friend wants to reciprocate the love you show him:

• Direct eye contact
• A wagging tail
• Raised eyebrows

When you see signs like these, don’t just stare at your furry friend. You may make him feel unwanted if you don’t reciprocate affection. Feel free to grab the pup in your arms and cuddle him. You can also reward him with unique treats.

Of course, some signs may also signal some warning. Watch out for:

• Averted eyes
• A tucked tail
• Lip licking

In that case, you might want to take efforts to make them relaxed and happy. Talk to your pup in a sweet tone, and he will calm down. Maybe they just want your attention, and you keep ignoring him!

  1. Love Gazes and Expression
    Do you know that dogs share the same “love chemical” with human beings? Scientific research shows that oxytocin chemical levels tend to rise when human beings stare at each other for a long time. The same applies to dogs when they exchange a prolonged gaze with human beings.
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If you see your pup bored or seems to be out of place, just gaze at them with a loving expression. When they are young, they may wonder what you’re doing initially but will develop to understand it later. If they still seem to be confused, call them to your lap for a cuddle. They’ll always know that gazing time is love time.

  1. Play Hard and Take a Nap Together
    Almost all dog breeds are playful, whether small or large. Take your dog out to the fields and sprint together. Kick a ball and let him chase it down the field. Playing is not only fun but also a great way of exercising your pet and yourself. Since you naturally want to feed your dog well, you don’t want him to become obese and impend their fitness and health. Most importantly, you don’t want a lazy dog that always sleeps around.

After a busy day playing, groom your dog and take them to sleep with you. You should note that dogs thrive in physical contact, and they’ll crave for more when tired. Periodical naps offer an intuitive session that tells your dog you love them.

  1. Rub Their Ears
    Many pet owners get it wrong. Patting your dog’s head is not a love gesture per se. While they may seem pleased with the patting, it is usually recognized as merely a way of saying hi. Consider rubbing their ears gently as you look them in the eye. You can also rub them around the neck as you squeeze their fur. Your pup will melt with affection if you do this. Researchers believe rubbing a dog’s ear enhances the release of endorphins. Endorphins stimulate pleasure and help relieve pain.

As you rub your pup’s ears, treat them to a special meal. You can also hold them upright and make them stand on their hind limbs. Larger breeds love to see that they can rise to match your stature.

  1. Lean on Them
    Have you ever noticed that your dog leans on your legs when wagging its tail? They can also lean towards your body if you’re lying down. Leaning is a way of communication for dogs when they want affection. You can press towards them gently when resting. Dogs love this a lot. That’s why they love playing around babies because kids always lean on them.

If they lean back, you might want to cuddle them. Cuddling is more intimate than hugs. Pups appreciate hugs too, but cuddling is deep. However, don’t lean on your dog when they show signs of agitation. In that case, it will help if you try to calm them first as you don’t want to aggravate them.

You’ll never feel low or lonely next to a happy dog. That is why pups are the most reliable emotional support pets. Take the above tips into practice, and you’ll fall in love with your dog’s new personality. The more love you show to them, the more their loyalty grows. They also become more obedient to simple commands. Remember, there is nothing as dangerous as when dogs feel their presence isn’t appreciated. That is the last thing you want in your home.

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