Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers originated in Scotland in 1864 when a “yellow retriever” and a water spaniel were bred together by a man named Lord Tweedmouth of Inverness. The new breed had a stunning golden coat and they were excellent dogs for duck hunting. Golden retrievers are some of the most popular dogs in many demographics. They are sweet, smart, and tons of fun.
Golden retrievers are strong, energetic, and easy to train. They are swift, fairly graceful, and hard workers.

Since they are natural hunting dogs, they need a lot of exercise and attention. They’ll need regular stimulation like puzzle games or regular games of fetch. They also make wonderful therapy and competition dogs. They are regularly used for search and rescue. They love to serve a purpose, and training is a breeze. They can be very protective and empathetic. They are filled with love and they show it. Goldens stay in a puppy mindset for most of their lives, so they stay excitable and playful as long as they can.

Golden Retrievers love to eat. Unfortunately, they tend to overeat. It is very important to regulate their calorie intake in relation to their exercise. Obesity is very dangerous to dogs, and it’s our responsibility to keep tabs on that. It can lead to joint pain and organ damage if left untreated. It can be very tempting to constantly give your golden treats, and you’re allowed to, as long as they’re healthy treats. Asparagus, berries, or carrots are a common healthy dog treat. Golden retrievers generally live 11 or 12 years, and a proper diet can support that. Golden Retrievers are also very susceptible to cancer and hip dysplasia. Cancer is the cause of 60% of Golden Retriever deaths. The hip dysplasia comes on at a later age and is usually followed by vision problems. Being aware of the foreseeable problems lets you prepare and it will keep you on the lookout. Like all dogs, a regular vet visit with blood work is required.

Goldens are compatible with other dogs, cats, and most livestock. They are great with children and the elderly. They’re not aggressive or whiney. They’re very snuggly without being too needy. They are naturally calm dogs with a gentle trusting nature. This unfortunately makes them less than amazing guard dogs. They’re just so friendly that they really don’t mind if your house gets robbed as long as they get some scratches from their new friends. They do need regular grooming of their very full coats and they like to chew. Daily brushing and a quality vacuum cleaner can take care of the coat maintenance and a pile of tennis balls and rope will take care of the chewing. Other than that, Golden Retrievers are close to the perfect dog.


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