All about Doberman Pinschers

A Doberman pinscher is a compact built dog that is both fast and powerful. They make for excellent working dogs that can help protect a family from intruders.


In 19th century Germany, the tax collector was not a very welcome person. They were often the subject of attacks, and those attacks were sometimes deadly. Louis Dobermann, a dog breeder and a tax man that resided in the town of Apolda, saw the need for a breed of dog that would protect him on his rounds of tax collecting. So, he started working with breeding dogs to come up with a breed that would fulfill those needs. It is thought that he used a variety of different breeds, including the Rottweiler, German pinscher, and the black and tan terrier, to come up with this breed.

The dog quickly became popular as an extreme working dog. Dobermans have been used for police and military use, service dogs, and even competitive sports. It has only increased in popularity in years past for protection, show, sports, and more.


The appearance of the Doberman pinscher is unique. They have a square-style body, and they are of medium size. They have a greatly formed carriage, and their overall appearance shows off their nobility and temperament. Males and females of this breed can range in weight from 65 to 90 pounds. They can be black, blue, red, fawn, or rust. Some Doberman’s will have white markings on their chest.


The Doberman pinscher are very people-oriented dogs. They love to be affectionate and sweet. However, it is imperative that they are trained and socialized properly. Dobermans are known for their loyalty, and some may only bond to one person in the household.

Living With A Doberman Pinscher

If you plan on adding a Doberman pinscher to your family, you will need to be prepared to give him or her a lot of exercise. A Doberman that is not exercised properly may become aggressive and irritable. Obedience training is a must with this breed, and socialization needs to be done frequently. Positive reinforcement is a great training tool for this breed.

If you want this breed for family protection, there is no need for special guard training. The instinct to protect is already found in this breed. If additional guard training is done, it could result in aggression and over-guarding.

The Doberman pinscher breed is a wonderful dog breed for anyone who wants to have a working dog that is excellent at protecting the home. If you wish to add this dog to your home, make sure that you take a look at the amount of care they will need to ensure that they do not become bored or aggressive.


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