All About Boxers

oxers originated in Germany. These dogs helped hunters by grabbing prey until the humans could fetch it.

This breed is incredibly brave. In 1946, two boxers named Punch and Judy saved British military officers from a terrorist attack. They warned the officers just in time, but Punch and Judy were severely injured. (Don’t worry, they both survived!) This gallantry earned them a Dickin Medal, which some people describe as the animal version of Britain’s highest military honor.


Boxers are most famous for their blocky, wrinkled faces. They’re brachycephalic animals, which means their heads are broad and short. These canines have underbites, which is a lot cuter in a dog than a human! They’re of medium size, with muscular, athletic bodies.

Breeders used to dock their tails into nubs and crop their ears into points, but that’s less common now. Most boxers have thin, curly tails and short, floppy ears when left in their natural state. A few do have naturally short tails as a result of breeding choices, though.


Boxers are loving and loyal. Their dedication makes them excellent guard dogs.

They love to play and can be very silly sometimes. Boxers mature more slowly than some other dogs, so they continue to act like puppies longer than you might expect. These canines usually get along well with children, which makes them a favorite of families. They’re also known for their patience.


Boxers live about ten to twelve years. Most of them are full of vitality, but the breed is prone to a few problems.

Common health problems in boxers include cancer, heart issues, and thyroid problems. Almost 40% of dogs in this breed die of cancer. Responsible breeders test their dogs for a variety of conditions, but some issues get through regardless. Even healthy boxers often suffer from dental problems, so owners need to pay attention to their pup’s dental care.


Boxers are easy to train. They love to please, and they’re clever enough to learn commands relatively quickly.

These dogs need a lot of exercise. Without it, they might engage in negative behaviors like digging and chewing. Most are very energetic. However, even if you have a lazy boxer, make sure it gets regular workouts. This breed tends toward obesity if owners aren’t careful.

If you don’t have the energy to play fetch multiple times a day, you might want to adopt an older boxer. With young dogs, invest in high-quality obedience training so your boxer won’t tug on its leash as it gets bigger.

These canines shed a lot, but brushing their short fur a few times a week helps.


Boxers are cheerful, loyal, and courageous. If you’re looking for a buddy who will protect you when necessary but play with you every single day, this pup might be just right.


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