Is there such a thing as a “new” dog breed?

Dogs are ancient, descended from wolves, but are there any new dog breeds? First, we need to consider the meaning of breed vs. species. Breeds are specific types of dogs that humans have bred for particular purposes. All are part of the same species. Some scientists even argue that wolves and dogs are the same...


Rare Dog Breeds

28 May 2021

There are hundreds of different dog breeds, each having its own characteristics. There are well-known classics like beagles, collies, and...

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The 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

28 Mar 2021

Humans aren’t perfect when it comes to determining other creatures’ intelligence, but we can try. In dogs, we usually measure...

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Healthiest Dog Breeds

6 Feb 2021

Like human beings, dogs too can develop health challenges, ranging from skin diseases to deformed body shapes. No one would...

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Best Hunting Dog Breeds

11 Jan 2021

People have been hunting with dogs for thousands of years. Working as a team makes hunting easier for everyone. There...

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Top 5 Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds

23 Oct 2020

If you want a pup to run around with all day long, that’s great! But those aren’t the dogs we’re...

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How can I identify my dogs breed or mix?

29 Aug 2020

Having a mixed breed dog can be great. Over time, though, you might start to wonder exactly what breeds are...

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